Permanent makeup has been around for a long time, but it has really exploded onto the
beauty scene in the past few years with a wide variety of treatments now available, and new
ones being developed all the time.There are lots of different reasons why our clients choose permanent makeup – this blog
post explores just some of the main benefits.

1. Save time

One of the main reasons our clients choose permanent makeup – whether that is brow, eyes
or lip treatment – is to save time. Having a permanent makeup procedure means you no
longer have to spend time in the morning painstakingly getting your brows even, getting the
perfect eyeliner flick or applying lip liner and other products. Who doesn’t love an extra 10
minutes in bed?

2. Confidence boost

You feel great with makeup on, so why not enjoy that confident feeling all the time?
Permanent makeup means you can look your best and your most confident round the clock,
along with times you may not normally wear makeup (think spa days, swimming, on holiday,

3. Overplucked or misshapen eyebrows

Remember when everyone was plucking their brows to within an inch of their lives in the
noughties? Lots of those ladies have now turned to permanent makeup to restore their
sparse brows.

4. Hair loss

Ladies who may have lost their eyebrows or eyelashes through cancer treatment or other
illnesses choose permanent makeup to restore their confidence, making them feel more like
themselves again. It’s amazing what a confidence boost it can be!

5. Sensitive skin or allergies

Have allergies or sensitive skin? Not applying makeup everyday thanks to your new
permanent makeup treatment can help alleviate these issues.

6. Watery eyes

If you’ve got naturally watery eyes then you’ll know what a pain it is when your watery eyes
ruin your eyeliner – panda eyes are not a good look! Permanent eyeliner is exactly that, and
won’t run, smudge or crumble as the day goes on. It’ll stay looking just-applied all day long.

7. Active lifestyles

For women who regularly play sports or are into their fitness, permanent makeup is a
blessing. The last thing you want to be thinking about during a hard workout session is
whether one of your eyebrows is sweating off your face! Ladies who swim regularly also
enjoy knowing they don’t need to worry about makeup running whilst they’re in the pool.

8. Fine motor issues

For ladies suffering with fine motor issues causing shaky hands, putting on makeup can be
really difficult. Permanent makeup allows them to feel confident in their appearance without
having to struggle with makeup application.

Conclusion: Considering permanent makeup in Kent?
Naomi is a fully certified, licensed and insured permanent makeup specialist who can guide
you through the whole process. Her salon in Kent is perfectly placed for ladies looking for
permanent makeup in Surrey, Essex, Bromley, London, Sevenoaks, Orpington, and even further

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