Microblading has taken the beauty industry in London by storm. It is unsurprising because it is capable of providing you with a killer pair of brows that make your face look more defined. It can also make your thin brows fuller and in perfect shape, all without causing you the hassle of filling them in every single day.

You are most likely aware of these awesome benefits of this brow enhancement that you particularly wanted to know the microblading cost in London. What dictates the price of a microblading procedure is several factors, but the average cost can range from at least £200 to as much as £650 or even more.

Providing a fixed microblading price is not possible because there are several factors determines how much the artist charges for the services. Here are some of the key factors that affect the final price of eyebrow microblading in London.


London Microblading Prices Factors


Location: The higher-end the location is and location like city centre could increase the price the microblading artist charges. Many times the overhead of a business could also mean higher prices.

Tools: in general, microblading tools and supplies work quite the same but the quality of these materials affects the results of the service. The microblading artist who use more expensive precise tools and high-quality pigments are sure to provide you with the best microblading results at a reasonable cost.

Experience: while it is not the sole indicator, the experience of the microblading artist may determine the microblading price. This can be due to the reason that more years of experience performing microblading does create more defined and precise brows. Additionally, those who have taken more courses do have a higher level of education which demands a higher cost to perform. An experienced and highly trained artist may cost a bit more than a newbie.

Reputation: Any business has to earn its reputation through hard work and microblading is no exception. This is why the kind of reputation that the clinic has also had a bearing on the microblading cost in London.

Touch-ups: typically, the cost of microblading already includes a consultation with the artist to discuss things with you and decide on the best brow shape and colour that suit your skin tone. This consultation considers your personal preferences and lifestyle before settling in the style and thickness of your eyebrows. Apart from a dedicated consultation with the artist, microblading also includes touch-ups or follow-up sessions where the artist can correct any irregularities that might happen after your brows have healed.

Touch-ups also allow you to change or modify the look of your microbladed brows if you wish so. They are usually scheduled about 406 weeks after the actual procedure. If the cost of the touch-up is not a part of the initial price of your microblading package, it can cost you between £50 to £100 per touch depending where you get your brows microbladed.

With all those factors identified above that affect microblading prices near and around London, you may now be wondering why this treatment is more expensive than other cosmetic procedures. It boils down to the kind of procedure being performed to complete the entire microblading service.


Why Microblading Deserves Its Price


Microblading can be compared to that of regular brow tattooing. However, the level of precision that is required to microblade the pigment into the skin in hairlike stroke is so high. Additionally, the artist has to be extra careful to implant the natural pigment just right in the surface layer of your skin to give you the look of a much fuller, well-defined brows. Such attention to detail does require technique and experience.

Moreover, since microblading is semi-permanent, meaning the pigment will eventually fade, touch-up sessions are essential so that your artist can maintain the look you want with your brows. Getting a touch-up every 1236 months is the standard practice and your skin type and tone determine how often you need a touchup.

One more reason why microblading costs as much as it can be is the kind of results it provides. Unlike other eyebrow enhancements available, your microbladed brows can last up to two long years. No wonder why microblading cost is higher in the London area.


So, Is It Worth Your Money?


The majority of microblading clients are more than willing to pay for the service for an average of £500 for a well trained and experienced artist. With this cost in mind, is microblading worth its price tag? It all depends on what you are looking for. If you want to skip the hassle of pencilling your eyebrows and wake up with gorgeous brows without wasting your time every morning, then microblading is worth trying. If you like to still wear perfect brows even when you’re busy outdoors working out or adventuring, then paying the best microblading artist in London is worth your money.


Making The Most Out Of Microblading Prices


Though a higher microblading cost does not automatically mean better results, it does tell you that the artist is a seasoned professional in this field. And most of the time, it’s much better to pay a little extra for the best artist than wasting your hard-earned money on someone less of an expert.

Finally, and more crucial than just knowing the amount you have to pay for the service, do your homework of searching how to find the best artist near you before you have your brows microbladed. After all, the cost of microblading in London largely depends on where it is and who does the work.